The Clearwater Rating System

The objective of the Clearwater Rating system is to encompass as many boats and superyachts as possible, from traditionally constructed and conventionally fuelled yachts, through to hybrids and zero emission vessels.

Your application can either be for a single vessel, or for the model year of a production series.

It follows a process of self-assessment, independent verification and, if successful, the award of one of seven ratings arranged in three bands:


Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is possible only for leisure yachts and powered motor vessels at the very cutting edge of the boating industry’s environmental best practice. If your boat has a Clearwater Gold Standard Rating, you’ll know it is among the leading boats globally in terms of environmental impact.


Silver Award 1 to 3 stars

Sailing yachts, power boats and superyachts that achieve the Clearwater Rating Silver Award are likely to be boats constructed of materials that are kinder to the environment with clean burning internal combustion engines, or FRP hybrids. They will have onboard systems that enable them to be operated in a way that is very sensitive to the environment. The Silver Award is offered in three star gradings.


Bronze Award 1 to 3 stars

The Clearwater Rating Bronze Award recognises leisure sailing yachts, motor vessels and superyachts that are likely to be relatively conventional in terms of construction and power, but consider the environment with respect to optimisation of systems, coatings and operations. The Bronze Award is offered in three star gradings, with three being the highest.

Five steps to our environmental rating

The Clearwater assessment begins with the builder or owner downloading the Clearwater Rating Calculator, which is provided as a fully configured Excel spreadsheet. There is no charge for the Calculator.

When completed, it forms a Clearwater Rating Technical File and the Calculator elements indicate the eventual Clearwater Rating that may be expected.

The Clearwater Rating also includes useful additional tabs with information hyperlinks and a summary of related environmental legislation

Having completed the Calculator, you must decide if you wish to proceed towards certification.

Should you request certification, you are asked to submit the completed Calculator, along with any associated documentation, to

Clearwater Rating will acknowledge receipt and issue a contract.

Once the signed contract is received, Clearwater Rating will review the submitted Calculator and confirm the anticipated rating. If you are unsure about the result of this review and no longer wish to continue to Inspection, Clearwater Rating will make a charge of €250 (plus VAT if applicable).

If you wish to proceed then Clearwater Rating will arrange for an audited inspector to view the boat. The intention is for the inspector to validate the facts entered in the Calculator to provide the necessary value that stems from independent assessment.

The pricing for Inspection is as follows:

A* (m) PRICE
< 6m€200
6m ≤ Loa < 12m €300
12m ≤ Loa < 15m €600
15m ≤ Loa < 20m €800
20m ≤ Loa < 24m €1000
24m ≤ Loa < 30m €1200
30m ≤ Loa < 50m €1500
50m ≤ Loa < 75m €2000
75m ≤ Loa < 100m €3000
Loa ≥ 100m €4500
*Hull Length is defined in ISO 8666

Once the inspector has validated the Calculator, a certificate will be issued that will permit you to use the Clearwater Rating for the vessel(s) named and the time period stated.

Once issued with a certificate, you may use your Clearwater Rating badge and branding to promote the environmental credentials of your vessel(s).

There are straightforward usage guidelines and we will supply these at the time of the award.

Download the Clearwater Rating Calculator or Contact Us

Assessment Criteria

  • Bilge water cleanliness
  • Fuel system integrity
  • Lubricating/Hydraulic oil handling
  • Marine spill kit
  • Anti-fouling
  • Black water handling
  • Grey water handling
  • Garbage facilities
  • Anchoring systems
  • Use of alternative energy or fuel
  • Greenhouse gasses in component parts
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Noise emissions

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